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Important Note:

I will be shifting all my updates to Wordpress from now on, so please visit the following site instead.


Sorry for the trouble caused!!


<3 Misa-chan

New goods have been updated on mu-mo site!!!

ayupan Vinyl Yoyo (¥1,000) In Orange/Pink/Green

PicturesCollapse )
For those who are buying goods for friends, there is a wrapping service available at the CDL venue. The special wrapping paper is based on CDL's black/purple theme, with A mark and A butterfly logos on them!!

There are 2 kinds of wrapping methods to choose from, traditional Japanese furoshiki style, and normal wrapping style!!

Furoshiki style wrapping price: Depends on size. ¥1,000 for small, ¥1,500 for medium, and ¥2,000 for large packages.
※ The wrapping style will differ based on the goods to be wrapped. (3 different patterns are available)

Normal style is free!!
※ For this service, each person can only have 2 packages wrapped per one receipt. To wrap more packages, one has to purchase more items using a different receipt to be able to wrap those.

The wrapping service is done by the award-winning Gomi Eri company! They will be using a new "ribbon wrap" style created specifically for this CDL!!

★ The wrapping service is available for all goods and CDs purchased that day at the venue. Items already purchased elsewhere, but still unopened, can also be wrapped.
★ You can supply your own wrapping materials.
★ The wrapping service is limited in number, and served on a first-come-first-served basis.
★ Details about the wrapping service will be available on a menuboard posted at the wrapping booth at the venue.
Ehh~, our troupe has been having COUNT DOWN LIVE rehearsals on both the 24th and 25th, and before we knew it, Christmas was over... (T△T)


As long as we can deliver the best performance to everyone, no obstacle is too much!!

This year's COUNT DOWN LIVE seems to be shaping up into something awesome too, so please look forward to it (o^∇^o)ノ

And then, the goods have also been revealed!!

For those who are coming to the venue, I think the situation there may be a little too chaotic on the actual day, so it may be better to visit the official site mentioned below to get your goods ♪


※ mu-mo shop sales will start from 7 January 2011 18:00 onwards.

Alright, so for today,

we will end off with a photo of the Santa Claus sisters, who are troupe leader ayu's happy friends, as mentioned on Twitter(ayu_19980408) ♪

Ho ho ho ♪

A-STAFF Minazou

Love songs blog. 25 December. "Ah!!"


What are you doing

With that mike-stand.....


A-STAFF Minazou
Did everyone watch MUSIC STATION SUPER LIVE 2010???

The ChristmasxDream ON collaboration costume she wore during the opening was really special, eh? ♪

As for the songs, she performed Love song → M

and wow~ It was shocking. And amazing (((p(≧□≦)q)))

There were probably many people who were brought to tears...

Of course, I was one of those people too. (laugh)

Seeing her together with so many artists was also really memorable.

And now, some news.

At 12:58am tomorrow on TBS.Count Down TV,

URATA NAOYA feat. ayumi hamasaki/Dream ON will be performed for the very first time!!!

It's not everyday that you see 2 busy artists get together to perform!!

So as not to miss it, please set your alarms now. (laugh)

And so, this time

we're signing off with a photo of ZIN-san's reindeer, I mean, deer shirt.

Caption: Merry Xmas
Note: kanji reads deer.

Bye~ ♪

A-STAFF Minazou

There will be a soba stall and a takoyaki stall at CDL's concert venue this year. These items will only be available to customers who buy these foods. People without tickets are also free to buy! Booths will open at 1pm on the 30th and 4pm on the 31st.

Chopsticks with CDL print/logo. Free gift that comes with a cup of soba (¥1,000)

Takoyaki Stick with A mark. Free gift that comes with takoyaki (¥600)

Special Items sold at CDL concert venue!

Includes manjuu set, 2011 calendar, Deji Deji Diary mini book, A 3D II tickets. Booths will open at 1.30pm on the 30th and 5pm on the 31st.

Manjuu (¥1,200) with A mark burned onto the top. 1 free ayupan Sticker, out of 3 different designs. Red manjuus contain whole red bean filling, white manjuus contain mashed red bean filling.

CDL goods will only be available on mu-mo from 7 January 6pm onwards.

View the rest of the goods...Collapse )
Preparations are steadily ongoing for the Music Station SP live!!

Real-time relay~ ♪

The opening's at 7pm~ (*´∀`)b°

A-STAFF Minazou


*Makuhari Messe: the location where MS Super Live was held.

After the live performance of 「ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011 A ~do it again~」 on 31/12, Ustream will be broadcasting the original no-cut stream (without the encore section) of the concert at 3:00 JPN time on 1/1/2011.

The normal ticket price will be ¥3,150, which TeamAyu members get a special price of ¥2,625. We have prepared 2 courses for customers to choose from, 1Mbps (high quality) and 500kbps (normal quality).

To purchase a ticket, please click the button below to view a demo stream. Please purchase your ticket after that confirmation.

※ The course can't be changed after the ticket is purchased.
※ Even if the demo stream runs smoothly, there is a possibility that the stream will not play properly on the actual day due to high traffic.
※ If the stream does not run smoothly, customers who bought the ticket can choose to watch the replays scheduled on the 2nd and 3rd as well.
※ Replays are scheduled for 4 times a day, in the morning, afternoon and at night.


Details...Collapse )

◆ ayu Quiz!

<<Participation Deadline: 30 December 0:00>>
Everyone, let's predict the song which ayu will sing to open her 『ayumi hamasaki COUNTDOWN LIVE 2010-2011  ~ do it again ~』 live concert on the 31 December ♪ Those who participate in this programme will get a special participation present: 『Love songs』 mobile background, for free!

Additional prize for mu-mo members only! If you win the ayu quiz, you get to take part in a lucky draw to win some merchandise too!

◆ mu-mo limited A cappella chaku-uta®!!

The chaku-uta for popular song 「Love song」 ''A cappella version'' is only available at mu-mo ♪

◆ Limited New Year ayupan contents!!!

New Year ayupan mobile backgrounds and deco-mail templates are only available at mu-mo ♪
This is available only for a limited time, till 31 January 2011, so don't miss it ♪

★ Mobile background

★ Deco-mail template

※ All 3 versions to greet you a happy new year!
※ For more details, visit mu-mo now!


Hi everyone!! This is Misa-chan, a lover of most things J-Pop. =)

I will be posting translations of song lyrics, magazine articles, artiste blogs, variety show subtitles, basically anything that catches my attention at the moment. ^^

As you can tell by looking at the entries, I am a HUGE ayumi hamasaki fan, so I'll be following her activities the most closely. However, I do listen to lots of other artistes, and will post translations of those from time to time. Feel free to use the sidebar tags to navigate around. ;)

I'm open to taking translation requests, as long as its in the range of anything related to J-pop music in general. Just drop me an e-mail at soulful_eyes(at)hotmail.

Enjoy the site~~ ^^

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